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miami blue color code Make a Symmetrical Overlay Vinyl Wrap Film on both Sides

miami blue color code

It can take a lot of time to measure vinyl wrap film and then plot it. Here's a quick way to make your own overlaying templates for both sides of a car. This technique uses knifeless tape. miami blue color code This technique will use more knifeless tape than you normally use, but it will also save a lot of your time. Begin by going to the driver's side. miami blue color code Mark the areas you need with a few pieces masking tape. You can use the masking tapes to make the shape of your overlaying pieces.

Car Wrapsm

This isn't the end. Next, you will need to use design line to add another layer of knifeless tape. It is important to match the string exactly with the one at bottom. After the setup is complete, you can place a piece vinyl wrap film, which could be a scrap, on top. miami blue color code Form it by knocking it. Then, remove the top layer (the design line), and pull the string out. Once it is done, take off any excess material and the piece that you have just applied. This template will be used for the passenger's side. For now, you'll only need the base layer (the knifeless tap) to finish this side. You will use the same technique as for the driver's side. Use masking tape to mark the spot, then secure the template using masking tape (with adhesive side facing out). miami blue color code Next, trace the template shape with your knifeless tape. Once the setup is complete, miami blue color code you can apply vinyl wrap film to the affected area. You can create an overlay piece the same size as the driver's with the knifeless tape. You will have two matching overlaying pieces if you do it again on your driver side. miami blue color code This will save you time and make it easier to measure. It's worth a try. Have a happy wrapping. Installation Knifeless Tape TeckWrap Wrap tips

miami blue color code